Tuesday, June 27, 2006

First For Everything

My son gave me a bloody nose. My infant son. You might have thought that the 11 year-old would be more likely, but no, it was the 7 month old. He has been very irritated today. He's been "yelling" at me very loudly, crying alot, not interested in his ba ba, and generally pretty cantankerous. I was holding him and trying to calm him down some when he reared back his head and just head-butted me right in the nose. I had the sense to put him down on the floor before I sank down beside him, holding my injured member, fighting back tears, and feeling rather dizzy. After my mother-in-law wheeled into the living room to find me on my hands and knees, I wiped my nose with a kleenex and observed bright red blood! Wow, it hurt. Jack just kept fussing as if nothing had happened. It's the first nosebleed I've ever had.

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