Thursday, February 28, 2008

Get-Away Car

"I need a get-away...." If you listen to Toby Mac, you'll recognize that phrase from "Get-Away Car". It's one of Jeff's favorite TM songs, and hopefully we will hear it tonight! I had a very full day planned today. My husband gave me a wonderful spa day for Christmas, and I had planned to do all of it today before we left for Indy, however, given the day I had yesterday, I decided to cancel it and try to rest as much as possible this morning. The tickets were non-refundable at this point, as was the hotel reservation (yes, we are staying overnight!), so we felt that I would try to go to the concert. Hopefully I can get through it and enjoy it without having too many contractions. I say this laughingly, because if you've ever been to a Toby Mac concert you know that there is no way to just sit quietly and "enjoy" the music. It is usually a total body experience! But I will try!

Anyway, I don't know if I actually have more energy today, or I am just really excited about getting away for a night, but I'm feeling much better today. I'll post some pics when we get back!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good News, Not-So-Bad News

I have posted before about some of the "complications" that I've been having with this pregnancy. Aside from just the sundry aches and pains of being 6 months pregnant, I have also been experiencing contractions from a very early date. At first, it was not a big concern. However, in the last few weeks the contractions have become more frequent and much more difficult. They also seem to get worse with any kind of physical activity. Things came to a bit of a head last night as I had contraction after contraction--some of them Braxton Hicks--but many of them were very painful and gripped my whole body. They were much like the contractions that I had at the beginning of labor with Jack. When they kept me awake last night through the night that was pretty much the last straw. I called the doctor this morning and went in this afternoon.

I was really quite worried that all this might be summed up by saying that every pregnancy is different, I'm OLDER, and hello, this is motherhood. In my heart I feel that there is something more going on here, but I was willing to hear that I just needed to "suck it up" and keep going. I was very relieved when my doctor took all my symptoms very seriously and sympathetically. He was very adamant that "we" NOT have this baby right now! He said that I was at a very critical stage in my pregnancy, and that I needed to be very cautious. He told me about a new test that measures an enzyme that is only present in a woman who is going to give birth in the next two weeks. Wow! That will really narrow things down a bit, won't it? So, the GOOD NEWS is that I am not dialated at all, and the test came out negative, so I am "safe" for the next two weeks. The not-so-bad news is that even though I don't have to go on bed rest, I do need to be more careful and decrease my activity level even further. Tell that to my two-year-old!!! Unfortunately, it also means decreasing some of my extra-curricular activities as well--like ladies' ensemble and choir. I was already very sad to give up worship team, and this will be even harder. I LOVE singing. I LOVE choir. It will be very hard to sit on the sidelines, but I LOVE Grace more, so I'll do it with a good attitude.

So, that is the news for now, and I would appreciate your prayers for the coming months. My counter tells me I have less than 100 days left!

Now, with all this decreased activity, here is the's 9:00 p.m., I've already taken Jack UP the stairs to go to bed, and I am now sitting DOWNSTAIRS on the couch (watching AI). Jeff is out in the shop, and I hear footsteps running around upstairs in Jack's room. Thankfully, his door is locked and he can't get out and roam around the I get up or just let him play in his room until Daddy comes in from the shop (keeping in mind that it could be HOURS)????

Monday, February 25, 2008

Anniversary Pics

Happy Anniversary

When I married Jeff, I knew that I was embarking upon the greatest adventure of my life. The day we got in the "silver bullet" (Jeff's car) and made our get-away to Gatlinburg, we knew that there was no turning back. In three years we have weathered many joys and many sorrows. In just three short years we became parents of the most beautiful baby tornado that ever lived, became closer to our church and the people in our church than we ever thought was possible, lost a child, a grandfather, a grandmother, and a father, endured sickness and pregnancies, and anticipate the joy of seeing Grace's tiny face in the next 3 months. What a ride, baby! In all that time, and with all that life going on, I have never, ever regretted marrying this man. He has been a refuge of strength and a joy that I never thought possible in marriage. I can honestly say that I love him more than the day we were married. Happy Anniversary, love!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

Is it possible to have post-partum depression BEFORE the baby is even born....?

Monday, February 04, 2008

Another Night Out

After coming home from work this evening and finding me in tears after a hard day with Jack, Jeff asked me if I would like to make Tuesday evening a "mommy night out". Ummmm.....heck yeah. So I'm just wondering, anybody free for either dinner or a little get together at Starbucks tomorrow night? I know it is late notice. I promise, you don't even have to be pregnant to go!!!! Just leave me a comment and we'll get together!

Well, I didn't have any takers on the night out, which isn't surprising since I posted so late and the weather is soooo horrible. I didn't want to drive out in the weather by myself, but I also didn't want to stay home either, so I made Jack and Jeff go with me!!!! So my night out turned in to a family night out! GiGi joined us at Chik-fil-A and Jack played for a really long time in the play area. The "hot" sign was on at Krispy Kreme, and so of course we had to stop and get some doughnuts! The drive home was a little scary--there is so much rain coming down--and we just really had to feel for the people down by the river who are being evacuated and have a very long, cold, wet night ahead of them. We're home all snug in our house now, and I'm very thankful for the time spent with my family!