Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Little Glitch

Pray for little Jack-Jack, if you will. A couple of days ago he told us that his belly was hurting, and then he threw up a couple of times. He seemed much better yesterday, although he is not really wanting to eat much. Today he woke up with "bad poopies" and has continued to have what I can only describe as "horrible, no-good, very, very bad poopies" most of the day! Poor little guy. Anyway, since daddy and I are pretty much out of the picture as of 7 a.m. tomorrow, we feel really bad for him to be so sick right now. Just pray that he doesn't get dehydrated and have to be taken to the doctor. That task would fall to my mom, Memaw, who is staying with him while the baby is born. She, of course, would do it, but I know it would be stressful for her, and probably a bit scary for him since he's never been without me.

Then there is the sincere hope that neither Jeff nor I come down with this "bug" in the hours remaining until Grace arrives, and the hope that we do not bring our newborn baby girl into a house full of poopy germs! However, God is in control and we know that even these things, should they actually happen, would be allowed in our lives to make us more like Him! Poop and all.

We will continue to update tomorrow from the hospital!


Troy & Sherry said...

praying for you all and i am excited to hear what happens tomorrow - yahoooo! only one more day of being pregnant for you;)
hopefully we will see all of you tomorrow..

Dana said...

Poor Jack! That's no fun for anyone! I'll be praying for all of you! Tomorrow is the big day!!! Love you Betts!

It's a beautiful day! said...

yikes! I'll be praying for you guys. On a more positive note...mention to your nurse tomorrow that your son has the stomach flu and you have been exposed and hope you don't get it and you have a 99.9% chance of getting a private room if they are "doubling up" because they will not want you spread the "germs" if there is a possibility that anyone in your family has it! :-)