Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Daddy To The Rescue

Last night was miserable. I had chills all night long and slept in my sleep pants, sweatshirt and socks, plastered against my always warm honey, and still I shivered. I've really got some kind of awful bug. At any rate, I woke Jeff up at five a.m. and asked him if he would stay home and take care of me and Jack. And you know what? He did. He called in to the office and said his family was sick and he was needed at home. Lucky for us that he did, because Jack woke up with a fever too, poor little guy. So daddy stayed home and mommy slept all day and Jack alternated between feeling ok and being miserable, depending on how the fever went. I appreciate my husband so much for doing that. I know that he had important things on his plate today, but I was overwhelmed to know and see acted out, that I was the MOST important thing today. Now if I could just kick this bug.....and hope that daddy doesn't get it!!!!

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G-Knee said...

I'm sorry you are sick!!! :-( Poor Betts...Love you.