Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Say "Cheese"

Today I was sitting at the kitchen table with my laptop, catching up on my blog reading, while my son sat in his high chair having lunch. It's been a couple of days since I had time to really sit down and read these blogs (not that I really have time now) but I just HAD to since I knew there was stuff going on that I really needed to know! So, as I sat enthralled with the writing prowess of my friends, Jack was eating a piece of cheese. You know, the Kraft Singles variety. I wasn't really looking at him. I was just handing him piece after piece of cheese, assuming that he was eating it. I would occasionally check his hand, just to see, of course. And it was empty. Well, I'm really not sure how much cheese he really ate. When I went to take him out of the high chair I found what appeared to be the equivalent of an entire slice of cheese in his lap! What a silly mommy.


Michelle said...

Hey, I was at the first service this past weekend! Good job on the Song! Michelle ;)

Anonymous said...

I was at church this weekend. Good job on the song! Michelle ;)