Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blast From The Past

Anybody remember these two?


Anonymous said...

[jumping up and down, with 70s game show music in background]

oh! oh! oh! Pick me! Pick me! I know who they are! The guy on the left has the distinct gorilla "long arms" that his sister, Kristi, has it's - DAVE MARTINS
The guy on the right I only knew during his 6th and 7th years of college, but he married my HS Cheerleading coach. It's none other than "funny man" - WARREN BROKERING!!
Betty - tell me what I have just won!!

Betty 'Rie said...

You're RIGHT! I knew you'd get it, G-knee! You have won my love and devotion for the next 64 years! Or I could give you a candy bar?!!

Anonymous said...

uhm! Uhm....
Well, Betts, I guess I'll have take love and devotion...did you see my skirt on Sunday?? It bordered on being too short for special music, as a result of my ever-expanding hips.

Anonymous said...

okay, you all are just crazy. I'm trying to figure it out but of course I know none of your people :)