Monday, October 16, 2006

Festival Food

Listed below is all the food that was consumed in about two hours by the Gray family at this year's Covered Bridge Festival.

Two pounds of spiced nuts (almonds and pecans)
A sample of some Amish soup that would have been good except that the lentils and peas weren't cooked enough
Fried veggies
One Gyro with onions
Several samples of cooking meat
One "meat on a stick"
One funnel cake
A large, very expensive diet Pepsi
One bottle of water
A jar of carrots
A jar of apples and blueberries

That is not counting anything else that we ate while NOT at the Covered Bridge Festival. Not too bad, huh? Had we stayed longer I'm sure that there would have been steak tips and red potatoes on that list. That's my favorite, but we just weren't there long enough.

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Anonymous said...

in the words of a MN/WI girl - uff dah!