Friday, November 10, 2006

Double Whammy

After several days of some pretty nasty sickness, Jack finally had a good day. That was yesterday, and he got in trouble several times for things that he KNOWS he's not supposed to do. Like touch the fireplace. We've been over it. And over it. But, I don't know, I think he felt so good that he was really feelin' his oats and he just couldn't stay away from it. He ran around the house yelling and screaming at the top of his lungs, just because he felt well enough to do it. Like I said, that was yesterday. Today he woke up and first thing I gave him a drink of water (we've been trying to really push the fluids). He sucked it down like he was parched. A few minutes later, he turned and looked at me, and then threw it all up. And he kept throwing up until his stomach was completely empty and he was dry heaving. It scared him and me. I thought maybe it was just a fluke. I got him (and me) all cleaned up and brought him back down stairs. He saw his sippy cup and went right for it and took another drink. This time it only took about a minute and threw that up. Thus began my initiation into child vomiting. It is amazing to me how much can come out of such a little stomach. All day Jack never went more than 5 feet away from me, and most of the time he was laying in my lap with his blankie. He perked up a little bit when Dad came home. It was such a beautiful night, Jeff took him out on the porch swing where the little guy promptly fell asleep on daddy's chest. When he woke up we realized that he had begun the "leaky poopy" phase. He is finally in bed now, but I am anxious to see what the night will bring, and have no grand illusions about getting a good night's sleep. We look forward to the time when our sweet boy is once again feeling his joyous self. We miss him and it breaks our hearts to see this sad, limp baby, who is still very sweet despite his icky smell.

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