Sunday, November 12, 2006


Both my boys are sick. As I've already said, Jack came down with the stomach flu on Friday. He has stopped throwing up, but has moved on to other issues, including a horrible diaper rash that makes him cry everytime I change his diaper. I've already changed his diaper 10 times and it's only 1:30 p.m. Poor baby. At least he is eating a little bit.

At 1:30 a.m. Jeff woke me up because he had heartburn and couldn't find the Mylanta. We found it and went back to bed. One hour later I was awakened by Jeff jumping out of bed and running to the bathroom to throw up. That was pretty much repeated throughout the night and through most of the day. Poor baby. At least he is sleeping a little bit.

This morning I packed up Jack and ran to the store to get some orange Gatorade for daddy. We tried to only touch what was necessary so as not to spread the wealth of germs. So, I was sitting in the parking lot at McDonald's, trying to decide if I should eat something. I mean, what's the use? I'm just going to throw it up anyway, right? It's like, a mathematical certainty that I am going to get this, so maybe if I don't eat or drink anything, it will cut down on how much I throw up. Eeww. I'm getting sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Poor mommy. At least I'm not throwing up, yet.

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