Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First of the Birthdays

Last night Aunt Gigi (Gaylene) came over with a very special birthday surprise for Jack! She is going to be out of town on Jack's birthday, so we decided to have a little "pre-celebration" celebration. She did a great job decorating a car cake, and Jack loved it! He even blew out his own candles (after mommy showed him how the first time and then relit the candles for a second try).

Gigi also gave him a very cool light that has cars running a race all the way around it. Jack was mesmorized, and I had a hard time getting him to go to sleep last night. We finally had to turn it off because he just kept exclaiming over and over "bye bye cars"! It was really cute.

Jack actually turns two on Thanksgiving day, but we are waiting until Anne and Bryan arrive on Friday to celebrate with a big party. We figure he won't know the difference!

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Dana said...

That cake is too cool! Is she in business, I might need to recruit her for Connor's next birthday cake. Sounds like he had a great time. I hope you guys have a great time visiting with Anne and Bryan, and that Jack has a happy birthday!!

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