Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lack of Posts

Wow, I hadn't realized just how long it had been since my last post. I wonder if anyone is even out there still checking and checking to see if I've updated? I certainly couldn't blame you if you've stopped checking!

The truth is, for me, right now, life is kind of complicated. I would have to say that at the core I am still the same, but I find that my swirling circumstances have brought my peaceful life to a decided halt. At least that is the only thing halting, since everything else is pretty much running independently of my body. I feel like an alien has taken over and I am completely helpless. The "alien" of course, is the child growing by leaps and bounds daily. I am still experiencing some morning sickness, although it has tapered off quite a bit. It has been replaced, however, by a bladder infection, and for some strange reason my back has been completely "out" for several weeks now. I'm really puzzled by that one. It's too early to be experiencing the pain of carrying a heavy burden. I've had more than one person remind me that this is actually my third pregnancy, and however short the second one was, it still took a toll on my body. Together with the fact that I am now 37 and will be 38 before the baby is born....well, evidently I am going downhill. Funny, because I didn't feel that old. Oh, and did I mention that Jack turned two? A very independent two, in fact.

I'm not complaining, really. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to have this child. I'm just trying to say that along with my responsibilities at church, I've had my hands full just surviving each day!

So, sorry for the no-posts. I'll try to do better.


Molly said...

Hi Betty! Yes, I have been checking in on you and praying for you! I know what you mean about the pregnancy/age thing! I am the same age (hopefully, baby will be born BEFORE I turn 38, but it will be very close!!). I told Steve recently that I have never felt so old in my life! This pregnancy has taken a toll that the others did not. I can't figure out if it is the lifestyle change we have had (with moving to Peru), the 4th pregnancy issue, or the age factor that has made the huge difference...probably a combo! Whatever the reason it has seemed to be the longest and least enjoyable of all...but, I know it is a special blessing from God and will all be worth it in the end! It's just hard to remember that in the midst of it all sometimes! :) Hang in there! Glad your sickies are subsiding some! Take care! love ya.

Gigi said...

Me too!! I never say anything because I KNOW you have your hands so entirely F-U-L-L! But I am glad to see you have posted :) I love you!!!!

The Big Guy said...

Post those pictues of the eagles in your yard. I've been waiting to see those for weeks.

Leanne said...

I still check in on you!
Yes, 2 pregnancies in one year DOES take a toll on your body... you'll have most of next year to recover (although, adding #2 can have interesting challenges of its own!). I feel old, too... I'm pretty grateful when someone acts surprised by my age....
I realized that I have been pregnant almost this entire year with the exception of about 3 months....not all in a row!
I think of you often. Thanks for posting. I loved seeing you at the looked great!

Kristi said...

Yes, I was wondering how you were doing and was concerned - and have been praying for you. Hang in there!!