Thursday, December 13, 2007

Per Request

On a very chilly November morning, Jack and Daddy were outside working in the yard, when I heard Jeff yelling for me to come outside. I was still in my pajamas, had no shoes or coat on, and was not altogether eager to run outside into the cold. However, he was insisting that I come outside. He started yelling, "get the camera--there are bald eagles in the tree!" I sighed and yelled back, "Honey, those are not bald eagles. They are turkey buzzards and they've been there all summer! They made a nest. I watch them every day!" "No!" he yelled, "they're bald eagles! Get the camera!"

So, I reluctantly slipped on some shoes, grabbed the camera and headed off outside. To my utter amazement, what I saw was NOT the same turkey buzzards from the summer, but two magnificant bald eagles, perched in our dead tree down by the bonfire.

I was very contrite.

They were beautiful, but we only got these photos and a little bit of video before they flew off. We hope they come back for another visit. I think they were just passing through.


Troy & Sherry said...

jeff wanted to do lunch after our next joint apt - but i changed ours to the 24th in the am since it is troy's bday i thought it would be a nice bday present for him to see what we were having :)
we do need to do supper sometime though.
love ya-

The Big Guy said...

Love the pictures, thanks Jeff and Betty.

bug said...

nice dude - seen the eagles again yet?