Thursday, January 24, 2008

Best Dressed - Best Price

When we discovered that we were having a girl, I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about a couple of things. I am so used to having a boy.....I know that a girl will be completely different and I'm hoping that Jack doesn't rough house her to death in the first year! I was also worried about what I would dress her in - I have TONS of boys clothes that I have kept in good shape and put away for the "next boy". My first thought was, what is she going to wear? Everything from Jack came from the two enormous showers that I was given, and everyone knew that I was having a boy, so everything is BLUE. I counted 8 sleepers of Jack's that Grace can wear that aren't blue.

I shouldn't have worried.

Grandma Poo has already been shopping! We went to Sears the other day to return some things and there was this awesome sale going on in the infant department. She bought stuff and I bought stuff, and I was feeling pretty good. I looked at a couple of dresses and was SHOCKED at how much they cost! On sale they were no less than $17.99! For a little 6/9 month old dress! However, today I went in to JC Penney and found another GREAT sale! I found the same dresses for $7.49! So I bought two of them. I also found cute little shirts and pants for $.98. Yes, that was 98 cents a piece! I was so excited! I bought several things. Once I got home I couldn't wait to spread them all out together and take this picture. The grand total for everything on this table is a measly $48.00!!! Wow. Leanne, are you proud, or what????


Leanne said...

I am proud!! Okay... and just slightly envious of all that pink...
I can say, though, after 2 boys, you have to restock on boy items anyway! Boys are hard on their clothes, so even my little bun has gotten a lot of new stuff along the way!
My baby clothing philosophy? if its new and under it... if I can't use it, I know I can find someone who can!!
Thanks for the reference in your made me laugh!!
See you Monday!

Molly said...

Hey, great bargains! Too bad we don't live closer...we could trade boy clothes for girl clothes! :) But, Grammy (my mom) really came through for us with garage sales before this visit and little Caleb is not having to go around bare (or wear pink, which would be worse in my hubby's opinion!) by any means! :) Aren't grandmas a huge blessing?! :) Glad you had so much fun shopping! I loved buying those little ruffly things for our girls...just a warning, it gets really hard to find cute, modest clothing when they get to be our girls' ages...and in my opinion that is pretty young to have that problem! I am enjoying the boy things this time around. :) Have a great weekend! Praying for you.

Christine Bolton said...

Cute clothes! It is so fun to find some bargains! I always love to buy dresses a month or so after Christmas and a month or so after Easter for the next year.....usually I can find some good deals! Dresses with a bow that tie around the waist are really "size-forgiving" so if I'm off a size it doesn't matter as long as the length is ok. Fun fun!

Beth said...

You're not doing anything wrong. You're not alone. I went through the whole sleep ordeal with Rachel just before she turned two. I don't have a miracle cure, but I think you're on the right track with shortening his nap time--also if you push the time off an hour or so, it might help. After delaying the nap time, If that doesn't work, try popping in a video. I finally resorted to putting in a video that I knew would be long enough to keep my daughter busy and give me an hour nap. She fell asleep faithfully on her chair for a year and a half!! I decided I'd rather not enter a daily ordeal with her and I wanted my nap too when I was pregnant with Blake. I feel for you!!
The clothes are adorable!! You found some great sales. We like to get things on sale mid-end of season at Babies R US and Carters (do you have Carters stores near you?) Hope I haven't rambled too much. Hope all is well,


Dana said...

Great job mom! Such cute finds!