Monday, October 17, 2005

A New Beginning

Our story has an amazing beginning. After much personal hardship in both of our lives, a loving, heavenly Father chose to cross our paths, and unite our lives. We were married on February 25, 2005. That in itself was a beginning, but it doesn't end there. After a little over a month of married life, we discovered that we were pregnant with our first child. After years of infertility issues in both of our previous marriages, we had managed the impossible! And in a very short amount of time! This is the story of our first days of marriage, and consequently, the journal of our pregnancy. I'm actually starting a little bit late--I'm already 33 weeks along. After looking at several baby books in stores, I realized that I needed to do something, and quick, to preserve these wonderful memories. So, this record is for the friends and family who are out there clamoring for more information, more pictures, and more stories, and it is also for Jack, our sweet baby boy, whom we've not yet seen face to face, so that he will know the difference that he has made in our lives.

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