Monday, July 17, 2006

The Gray Family - New And Improved

I hesitate to put these up because there is something wrong with our scanner, but these turned out so well that I couldn't wait to share them. We love our little family. We miss Sissy and Bubba greatly and are counting the minutes until we can see them again. In the meantime, little Jack is doing his best to make us laugh and keep us busy. Thank you, God, for your incredible blessings!


bethoven said...

LOVE the family photos!! Especially the last b & w one.

G-Knee said...

Hey all - LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! You look beautiful!

Gaylene said...

These just turned out fabulous! I am so impressed at seriously how photogenic you all are :) I absolutely LOVE the black and white. It's a good thing you all have a lot of wall space!
love you

Anonymous said...

awesome pictures! One big happy family! Life is great!
James and Shanna