Saturday, August 05, 2006

Date Night!

For a few months now Betty and I have been attempting to purposely spend an evening together. We realized that with our busy schedules we just had to put a date on the calendar - then the only challenge would be actually keeping that date! Last weekend we were discussing the upcoming week and I actually thought to plan it myself! I called grandma-poo and asked her when she could watch Jack Jack she threw out a string of possibilities that would work with her schedule (yes she is back at work now!), we decided on Friday night because I get off earlier on Friday. Then grandma said that Jack could spend the night!!! I ran the idea past Betty and she jumped with glee - not that she doesn't love her baby you see, but we really haven't been alone since our honeymoon, and that was just a three day weekend!! We finalized the plans and dreamed of all the fun things we would be able to do without having to go and wake a sleepy baby and then transport him back home (usually crying halfway home till he would fall asleep again).

Friday came quickly enough and inevitably I got out of work later than expected. When I got home I found that betty had packed every single toy that our boy has into bags along with enough food to sustain a navy seal for a month. Before we left I set down at her desk to check my email and I noticed that she had a word document open on her laptop. I clicked on it and it was a FULL page of instructions on the care, loving, changing, playing, and feeding of our baby boy! The funny thing about this is that she is the one who jokes about me having "engineer brain" and planning every project down to 5 minutes. I got a kick out of her list!

We went to grandma's house and I took care of a few things for her while Betty fed jack one last time. We left and went out to eat at Olive Garden where we had yummy food and a waitress who blatantly lied to Betty (whole other story) Then in typical Jeff fashion we proceeded to go to best buy to spend the reward zone certificates and gift certificates that have been burning a hole in my pocket. Believe it or not, we actually couldn't find anything that we had to have! We went to Barnes & Noble and got some yummy coffee and a book on Excel VBA. We talked about going to a movie but we weren't interested in anything that was playing at the time.

We ended up getting home early... as we pulled into our driveway it really hit us... our little boy is going to be away from both of us at the same time overnight!!! We allmost turned the car around right there and headed back to get him! We decided to leave him with grandma and try to enjoy the evening even though we both wanted to see him so much.

We ended up having a pretty normal night, we watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica (our new favorite thing to do together) and went to bed. While I was last out of the bathroom and as I was headed to our bedroom Betty emerged from Jack's room, I smiled as I realized that she really did miss her little baby boy. We both went in his room and stood by his crib, then we went to bed and talked about him. Betty even slept with the baby monitor on.

We love you Jack. You are such a sweet baby and we love you with ALL our hearts.


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