Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Happy Solution

Jack is fascinated by anything electronic (hmmm..... I wonder where he got that). In particular, he is obsessed by the computer. For Jack, everything is about the computer. If mommy is taking him down the stairs, he knows that the computer will be within sight. If he is riding around in his car, he inevitably ends up in front of the computer. If we sit with him in the big tan chair, he must stand up and look over our shoulders to see guessed! Basically, for Jack, all roads lead to the computer. It makes it very difficult to play with anything else or get anything done with him begging to be at the computer. He has even taken to crawling through the end table in order to reach the computer desk. So, today, I finally came up with the solution. You can see by the pictures that he is thrilled. He spent 45 minutes in this chair this afternoon. I got two loads of laundry done in that amount of time! The only reason why he left it is because he was getting bleary-eyed from looking at the screen and needed to take a nap. So he's napping now, but I expect he'll be back. Here are some other fun photos from the last few days.

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