Monday, August 21, 2006


This picture is for all of you who, over the years, have ever given me grief over my fear of spiders. And believe me, there has been some grief. Anyone who has ever seen me kill a spider (a skill I only achieved since moving to the country) knows that I don't just casually commit the deed, I annihilate it. No sweeping pass at it. No knock off the wall and let it drop. I smash it with all the force I can muster. Again and again. Until it's dead. Really dead. Because for me, the only thing scarier than a spider minding his own business, is a spider with a vendetta. So I don't take that chance.

Anyway.......when my mother-in-law was here she tried to kill a couple of spiders for me, but she does not subscribe to the same "kill or be killed" creed that I have. So a couple of them got away. Sorry, Grandma Poo, but you just gotta be more aggressive! One came back. And it got me. This picture is soon after I discovered the bite. It itched for a day, then my whole leg started to ache, then I couldn't put any weight on it, then the red ringed area turned black. Finally, after several days it has turned red again and started to fade. It itches again though, which kind of freaks me out. So stop giving me grief already! I was RIGHT.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I feel that if we let you have vindication you may get even MORE crazy than you already are and I can't see how that will benefit any of us!

Maybe Jack bit you with his new teeth or Jeff? He seems to like you alot!


Jeannie said...

Looks/sounds like it might possibly be bite from a Brown Recluse Spider. Did it heal okay? If not, you need to see the doc - those can get nasty!

BTW... I TOTALLY agree with the total annihilation method of spider killing! OUTdoors they are useful creatures... INdoors they are intruding enemies & should prepare to DIE!! :-)