Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ahhhhhh, The Single Life

I am currently blogging from my hotel in Indy. I have a Starbucks coffee nearby (I almost said "in my hand" but then I realized that wasn't really true and I wouldn't be able to type if it were), I have had 9 hours of completely uninterrupted sleep, my sweet baby is being lovingly cared for by his grandmother, there is a fireplace with a lovely fire, my husband is asleep in our hotel room, and I......I am alone. Sigh..........

Jeff and I went to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Christmas Show and stayed overnight in a hotel because A & B are coming today!!!!!!! So Grandma Poo is watching Jack-Jack! It is the first time since he was born that we have been an hour away from him all night. I did really well last night, but I am starting to go through withdrawals this morning. It's not at all out of fear for him that things aren't going well. Good grief, he's safer with Grandma than he is with me! She knows infant CPR and probably doesn't have to look up the number for the Poison Control Center (by the way, Steph, what IS that number?).

The show last night was very good and extremely reminiscent of my days with the MSO. It was funny because we ended up coming in the back way to the Hilbert Circle Theatre at about 7:40 (show time at 8:00), and we ran into some musicians with their instruments entering the building! 20 minutes before the show! That is SO like a professional musician. These Christmas programs are cake for them and I doubt that they even did much practicing for it, if any. I was very impressed with their orchestra--it was really good--and seemed much smaller than Milwaukee's. The stage was teenie weanie! Especially compared with MSO, and they didn't have a chorus, rather they had guest singers that formed a sort of small ensemble. They were good, especially a lady named N'Kenge. I can't even describe it. She is definitely somebody and I know I've seen her on TV before. She has an unbelieveable range and is able to sing many different styles without blinking an eye. At first I thought she was singing the low alto parts, because of the solo that she did (was very low) but then by watching closely during the group numbers I discovered that she was actually singing the first soprano and was SKYING. Very cool.

Well, I guess it's time to go wake up my hubby and get this show on the road. They're going to kick us out of here in an hour or so. Too bad. I like it here. Oh, did I mention that there is a plasma screen TV just about my head? Man, this place has everything!!!!

Have a great day, and my apologies to all you choir members out there that are currently at the 3 hour Saturday practice for the cantata. Ooopsie!


G-Knee said...

Betts, Oh the evenings of feeling important and running through the streets of Milwaukee to MSO. I always felt so elegant back my black dress that wasn't the standard poly blend. I'm so glad to have shared that memory with you...good times...scary times...but good times.. :) Love you!

bethoven said...

I'm sure you couldn't have enjoyed your time away as much as we enjoyed our choir practice. Bummer for you. ;)