Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Our Day

We are all together again! Yeah! Anne and Bryan are here, and we are having a great time. Our first order of the morning on Monday was to take Anne to the doctor! She got off the plane coughing and didn't stop. Her asthma was really bothering here and she was having trouble sleeping, so we decided that a trip to Dr. Thomas wouldn't hurt. He agreed that her cough was definitely asthma related, so we started the Advair again and also an anti-biotic "just in case". She seems to be doing much better and slept until almost 10 a.m.

Bryan has set up camp in the living room with the game cube, which delights Jack to no end since he loves anything with buttons. Plus, it's a very amusing thing to watch Bry play video games. All I can say is that I'm glad that there is a long cord to his controller because it allows him to do all kinds of crazy antics while he is playing. Right now he is playing "Tony Hawk Pro Skater" and he has some crazy cheat that slows it down so each jump is in slow motion. It drives me crazy! I want Tony to just freakin' land already!

Jack has been ecstatic to have them home. He loves it when Anne takes his hands and runs with him down the hallway. He laughs the whole way. And he loves to sit with Bry in the floor and play with the toys. Both of the kids are really good with him, and, at least for now, are not irritated by his desire to touch everything they have! I'm sure that will wear off!

Today we are going to go see daddy and have lunch with him, then it's off to Wal-mart! These kids like to eat bagels for breakfast and I don't have any.

Have a great day!

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