Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Blizzard of 2007

We're having a blizzard! Yay! Evidentally the winds are blowing at just the right speed, the visibility is just bad enough and the snow is coming down fast enough that this can be called the "Blizzard of 2007". It's all very exciting, except for the fact that I am alone here in the house with Jack, and although we are "snowed in" (snicker, snicker) there is no one to share it with! Aunt Gigi, get in your little car and head this way! Ha! Just kidding. There is talk that Jeff's plant will close, in which case he will get to come home and be snowed in with us. I say this all a little tongue in cheek, because when we lived in Wisconsin, I can remember driving 40 minutes away to go to church in much the same weather, but no one called it a blizzard. We do have the 4-wheel drive truck that will get us just about anywhere we want to go, so we're hardly snowed in. So I guess we're perfectly safe and the only exciting thing that might happen is that our power may go out, in which case, we'll just start the wood-burning stove and sit in toasty warmness. Our conference guests DID make it to the church this morning, but they may not be coming back! G-Poo has graciously offered for them to stay there if it becomes necessary.

I will say, though, that we had a little bit of excitement Sunday morning, when we woke up with no heat! It seems that when we had our dog, Neo, he chewed a hole in the hose that is hooked to the sump pump. Well, the hose froze outside and backed the water up and it was spraying out the hole onto the side of the house. We had a huge ice patch on the side of our house and it was covering up the intake vent to our furnace! So Jeff had to go out and chip the ice and fix the hose and now we're all nice and warm.

I hope that you are all staying indoors today, and that my southern friends THANK GOD that he allows them to live in such warmness.

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