Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Way We Were

Jeff and I will be celebrating two years of marriage this coming Sunday, February 25. It has been, without a doubt, the absolute BEST two years of both of our lives, and we are incredibly grateful for our marriage, our family, and the church that God has given us. Many of you may not really know the story of US, so I've decided that this week I will tell it.

Jeff and I were both divorced from our first spouses in the last five years. Our lives as "singles" were fraught with lonliness and pain, and yet, there were some real joys too. God gave us GREAT friends. When you are single and away from family, the friends that you make become your family. It was like this for both Jeff and I. Jeff was a member of the Career Class at our church, and although I attended a different ABF, I was dubbed an "honorary member" of the CC because of the fact that I attended many class events and became friends with many members. Our friends were our lifelines. Jeff's house was known as the "party house". I also had friends outside the career class--friends that were my family (and still are!) God gave both Jeff and I opportunities to do things that we would never be able to do as married people, and we are so thankful for that time. It was hard. We didn't want to be single. We were both searching for someone to share our lives with, and before we found each other, we had our friends. So this blog is dedicated to that people that were our friends when we met. We miss you! Things have definitely changed for us, and for a great number of you as well, be we will always consider you our friends, and a very important part of how we were when we met.

We'd like to invite you all this summer to our house for a bonfire--a career class reunion bonfire! We invite any former career class members and ANY current career class members to our house for a great time! All hammocks will be removed.

Love you guys!

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Anonymous said...

Betty, I have been reading all your blogs and enjoying them so much. I miss you. I hope you and Jeff have a wonderful anniversary celebration this year. Is your puppy ready yet? Elaine has four new puppies that are 7 wks old. Riley had knee replacement surgery yesterday and is doing okay but the chest xrays showed spots on both of his lungs. They haven't got the results from the CT scan yet. Be praying. All is well here and I am working 5 days a week again. Jay was here a few minutes. Stays very busy with work and music. Love you, MOM

bethoven said...

Aww, I'm just reading this now. Let me know where and when. I'll be there!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you put the snort picture up of me. What about all the other snorters? Love you