Monday, May 21, 2007

Busy Days

It seems that the days are flying by! This weekend my mom came down for a visit to see her new house, set up accounts, turn on utilities, finalize paperwork and pick out new furniture. It was a whirlwind weekend, and somewhere in there Jack caught a little cold. Poor guy is all sniffly and sneezy, but cute as ever. This week will be crazy as well. Today Jack and I went to Grandma Poo's house while she was gone to let the carpet cleaners in. Tomorrow we go back and she gets HER new furniture delivered and someone needs to be there. Tuesday night Aunt Gigi is moving her stuff out and Jeff is helping with that. We are too, but with Jack is remains to be seen how much "help" we'll actually be! Wednesday is the only day that I don't officially have something planned, so I will probably be catching up on housework. Thursday Jack has a doctor's appointment, and Friday I pick up the keys to mom's new house, wait for her furniture to be delivered, then go with Jeff up to her house to start moving! Saturday we will come back here with the rental truck and move her in. Sunday, I may or may not be singing in a special group at church (Laurie, what's the final verdict on that?) which means a very long day on Sunday (but fun, because I love it). Monday I will prepare for the kids coming, and Tuesday I pick them up at the airport! Yikes! So, the posts may be a little slow in coming! In the meantime, Jack's half birthday is tomorrow! Happy 18 months, baby Jack!

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