Saturday, May 05, 2007

Day of Shopping

This morning Jack and I loaded up, first thing, and drove to Lafayette for the big garage sale at Brookfield Heights! We borrowed Uncle Jase's truck because we were on a mission. A few days ago, while visiting Laurie, Jack discovered her child size table and chair set and fell in love with them. I realized then that I needed to get him something, so today was the day to look. With half the town having a garage sale, surely we could find something. Turns out the Grandma Poo was up even earlier than us and called to say that she had found a little Jack sized picnic table for $5! It was a little dirty and not exactly brand new, but when I put it out on the deck with Jack tonight he went right to it, sat down, and started running his car up and down the table top (making the appropriate car noises, of course)! Success!

After a few hours of toiling through the sales, we had some lunch, and Jack went home with Grandma Poo while I continue to shop. Jeff said something completely extraordinary to me yesterday. As we were talking about the pants he was currently wearing to work (the ones with the big hole in the bahonkus), he said to me, "I need some new clothes". That's all I needed, baby! I LOVE to buy him new clothes, I just don't get the all clear from him very often at all! So I cashed out my voice lesson money for the week and proceeded to spend it all on two pairs of Levi jeans, one pair of khacki's, one pair of cami shorts, a t-shirt, and five new collared shirts (not hot ones, as requested). Yay! I also looked for shoes, but Jeffrey's size 15's are really hard to find, so I lucked out. Oh well, I'll keep looking! In the meantime, if I can keep him from putting a hole in the jeans or getting a stain on the new shirts we'll be doing good. I love my manly man, but, really, honey, you don't have slide down the roof with these new jeans, ok?!

I am completely exhausted. Off to bed!


Steve & Molly said...

What a woman! Great shopping! Man, I miss garage sales!

Dana said...

Great job Mom! Sounds like you had a very successful day!

Josh & Annie Hill said...

Oh how I miss those Brookfield Garage sales!!!! I still have a pack n play I bought about 4 years ago. Yeah, didnt have kids, but knew I had to have one. Still kick'n. Great job on the picnic table! Hope you are doing well Betty!

G-Knee said...