Thursday, July 19, 2007


Please be in prayer for Laurie's dad, Jim, aka. "Doc" or "Papaw". He was admitted to Home Hospital last night with some pretty serious symptoms. He was recently in Brazil and may have picked up something nasty. He is up here visiting with Laurie and her family right now. God's timing is perfect. If I hear anything new I'll update this post.

****UPDATE: I just got a call from Laurie, and it would seem that her father has a mild case of malaria. Mild? Sheesh! They are treating him for it, and he will be released this afternoon. They are getting ready to do an ultrasound on his liver to make sure that no damage has been done, but they do not expect that it will be damaged. Keep them in your prayers. Garnet is tired from all of the "nursing". They are all in good spirits though.


laurie d said...

Thank you for your prayers! Dad's doing much better. The medicine seems to be doing its thing. =) We really appreciate everyone's concern and continued prayers. We'll keep you posted of any changes!

Leanne said...

Hi Betty!
It was so good to see you and that adorable Jack and finally meet Grandma Poo!
You looked fabulous by the way...
My figure envies you!!