Saturday, July 14, 2007

Life Goes On

Anne and Bryan got back to GA safely! They had a short plane ride and then a long drive, so they got home pretty late, but they are safe and sound and back in the land of peaches. We sure do miss them. Fridy was a weird day for us. Jack woke up and went straight to Anne's room. When he saw her bed made, he was shocked, and not just because she wasn't in it, but because I don't think he has actually ever SEEN her bed made (just a little teasing, sweetie)! He promptly turned around and went in to Bryan's room and stopped short, again. No Bryan. He then turned to me and whispered, "Bye bye". I don't think that he gets that they went "bye bye". I think what he was asking was whether or not HE was going "bye bye" too. Either way it was heartwrenchingly cute.

In the meantime, Bampy has come to visit! Yes, my grandfather is here visiting for a couple of weeks, and that has helped to distract us. We got some great pictures of Jack with Bampy that I'll post later. I am currently at my mother-in-law's house and I don't have the camera with me to post the pics! We've also got some great video footage of some summer highlights that we'll post as soon as we get a minute.

A & B, if you're reading today, we love and miss you!

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