Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Making The Most

The time is drawing to a close. We don't want it to end so we keep drawing it out by staying up ridiculously late. The kids have only two more days left! Tonight they spent some good daddy time together in the hammock outside. I prefered to take the pictures and then beat it to a safe distance where I could look out the window from my air conditioned office :-)

We love you, Anne and Bryan! Although we adapt to our lives the best way we can, it's never the same when you aren't here. We will miss you greatly and pray for you daily until we are together again!


Leanne said...

Hi Betty...
check out my blog, I nominated you for an award!

laurie d said...

We'll miss you Anne and Bryan! It was great having you here!! Keep in touch! Love, "Aunt" L =)