Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy Valentines Day back to you!

Hey there little guy!

Your mommy is really wonderful. Did you know that?

Mommy is right – we do love each other very very much!

I just wanted to write down for you (and for Mommy) some of the reasons that I love Betty Rie' (your mommy) so very very much!

I love Mommy because….
• She loves little Jack soooo much!
• She loves Anne & Bryan too!
• She wasn’t afraid to tell me that she liked me
• She is totally satisfied just to be with me – nothing else, she just wants me!!
• She appreciates everything that I do for her, even when it is something that she deserves she acts like it is the kindest thing that I could do for her.
• She loves me with all her heart
• She cooks REALLY GOOD FOOD for me!
• She has a beautiful voice
• She plays the piano
• She calls me tiger
• She helps me wake up in the morning
• She is my biggest cheerleader
• She is a good friend to me, as well as to her friends
• She rubs my back when we go to sleep
• She cuddles up next to me in bed and holds onto me
• She isn’t embarrassed by me being a big kid and having fun
• She agrees that Mr. Clothier cries the loudest of all my friends (when we wrestle)
• She goes out of her way to be friends with people that I am friends with
• She gets along with everyone
• She forgives me when I do something wrong (yes your dad can be insensitive at times)
• She sends nice notes to my family
• She doesn’t mind my snoring (I don’t mind hers either)
• She will watch a totally stupid movie just because I like it
• She eats lunch with me every day that she possibly can (you eat lunch with me too)
• She likes my truck
• She thinks I am attractive!
• She likes to sleep with the window open in the winter!
• She trusts me
• She is a computer geek too!
• She likes to ride four wheelers with me!
• She will follow my lead even if she doesn’t agree with me
• She takes good care of our house
• She mows the yard (when being pregnant didn’t stop her)
• She makes sure that I don’t dress like a dork
• She takes good care of me
• She makes me want to be a better man

Well little Jack…. I really do love your mommy.. I tell her a lot, but no matter how many times I say it I still need to say it more. I love you Betty Rie. You are my best friend, I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again!

Jeffie ;)

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Betty 'Rie said...

Thank you, sweetie. These are all things that you tell and show me everyday that you appreciate about me, but it's really nice to see it in print! I love you, too!

The rest of you can just be quiet--we're still newlyweds! As a matter of fact, this weekend we celebrate our one year anniversary!