Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Love Daddy

Happy Valentine's Day, Jack! Today I thought that I would tell you all the things that I love about Daddy. You should know that daddy and I are in love with each other and we always will be. For us, there is no such word as divorce, and there is no problem so big that it can't be solved with God's help. You will grow up in a home where your parents love you and love each other. In this world that is a very rare thing, but entirely possible when two people (like mommy and daddy) commit to love each other "til death parts us".

I Love Daddy because........
He loved me first
He is big and strong
He has wonderful hands that know how to make stuff
He is incredibly smart
He likes movies and computers
He likes to get dirty outside in his shop, in the yard, on the tractor, etc., etc.
He has four wheelers
He gave me my own four wheeler and taught me how to ride it
He gave me his car with the kick butt stereo in it
He likes my cooking
He likes to go out to eat
He likes to order in, too
He can pick me up and carry me around
He takes care of me when I'm sick and brings me medicine
He buys me Pecan Mudslides from Dairy Queen
He takes me to church and prays with me
He sings with me in the car when you're crying
He prays for me when I'm really sick
He laughs at me when I'm funny (and when I'm not)
He puts gas in my car
He loves to be with me
He would rather spend time with me than watch a movie or play with his computer
He lets me move the furniture any way that I like
He has a contagious laugh
He has a very big heart
He always does stuff for other people, often at the expense of his own free time
He likes to buy things for people
He is a good friend
He calls me "kitten"
He provides us with a beautiful home
He is crazy about you
He helps me take care of you
He holds me when I cry
He loves to kiss me and hold me
He touches my face and looks into my eyes
He tells me that I'm "hot"
He tells me when I look nice (which is all the time, no matter what)
He loves to lay in bed and listen to the rain through the open window

These are just a few things about daddy that I love. There are so many more, but there's not enough time to tell them. Lastly, the reason I love daddy so very much is because he gave me you!

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