Thursday, February 09, 2006

Just Growin'

Look at me playing with my new rattle!

It's been a while since I posted, mostly because every day with Jack is a full one! He still refuses to take naps during the daytime, and cries if I put him down, so most of the day is filled with rocking, walking, jiggling, holding, feeding, changing, and, you get the picture. Sometimes we get in the car and drive to town. I found a new little coffee shop in the town where Jeffrey works, so I like to go there and get a cup of joe and play with little Jack. He's growing every day and getting cuter and cuter (sorry, I mean, more cute). He's doing better every day with crying and eating and we're just happy going through our days together. They are very full and I don't always get to the computer when I want to, but we love our "fans" and don't want to lose you, so hang on, and I'm sure Jack will do something extraordinary that I'll just have to write about!


Danielle Myer said...

woo Hoo!!! Another cute picture of little Jack! Betty, you're so sweet. I have a feeling this post was for me! I agree however he is getting cuter!!! Keep up the good work!

Luv and prayers,

CarolRuffin said...

Hey Betty,

Renee Westphall passed along your greetings. Thanks. She said you were looking maaaarvelous, darlink! John and I pray for you, Jeff, and Jack each week. E-mail me a street address please so I can mail you my baby gift!

Carol Ruffin