Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Amazing Race

Here is a little video that some of us have come to love (and hate)

There are a ton of things that I am sure we could all say about this little video clip. Perhaps Gaylene would like to post some of her memories...

We hope you win Gaylene and Jaena!

Amazing Race Entry Video from grayman74


The Hill family said...

okay, That was hilarious!!!! I cant get that song out of my head! Hope you get in!

Anonymous said...

wait a minute...does this mean that they made it to Amazing Race 10?? Did you know another couple in our church is trying out as well?

Jeffo said...

Hill Family - Glad you enjoyed it, if you feel like contributing to our therapy fund we are still trying to get it out of our heads. Warning - dont listen too much or you will end up singing other songs to that same tune!!!

G-Knee - No, they havent made it there yet! We are still hopeful because Gaylene will either pave or gravel our driveway if she wins!!! Who is the other couple?

Anonymous said...

"Hey, Hello this is my first time on stage and I not sure what to say." "GO GAYLENE" silent from the audience "AND REDBIRDS". Awkward pause. Running off stage.

jamesandshanna said...

That's very cute. You all would do great! We'd have to have a favorite show---if not, perhaps you all could go for American Idol and we wouldn't have to switch!

Gaylene said...

You know, I just can't believe how much work this was, but I seriously will cherish it forever!!!

Jeffo said...

Because people can't read the credits at the end of the video I will post them here.

Jaena Newman
Sister, inspirer, and reality show addict
Gaylene Shimer
Sister, instigator, and lyric writer
Betty Gray
Friend, backer of the "barrel aheader", queen of patience, keeper of the candy, and key grip
Jack Gray
Future author of : What to do when the music wont stop: scream, scream, scream!
Jeff Gray
Master Editor, chief mocker, toy airplane pilot, and future author of: Just Can't Stop Bouncin' and Mouthin' Those Words.
Carter Newman
Future author of: What's Wrong With My Diapers?
Tony Newman
Jaena's husband, grip, financial advisor for the 1 million bucks we're gonna win if we get on
SooAnn Fox
Avid fan, encourager, and eyewitness to puddle accident.
Laurie Dutton
UPS hub and Finale extraordinaire,
Heidi Olson
Authentic German folk-dance costume provider
Competition's spy pigmy goat; Mission: to steal our application - executed and sold as hamburger
Peanut Butter
Goat understudy
Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II
Composers of the song that forever will be stuck in our heads!
The Author and Perfecter of our faith, for Whom we run with perseverance "The Race" marked out for us