Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Disaster Relief

Finally! I am able to get some "disaster" pictures online. It has been a long road, one that we are still continuing to travel, but it is getting better all the time. The drywall is up and being finished, we are planning to paint on Saturday, and the carpet will be delivered sometime next week! It will look better than it did before and has allowed us to do some "unexpected" spring cleaning, so it hasn't all been bad. On top of it, with our house looking so dismal, we were still able to have a visit from my mom and the kids! Here are some pictures of the night we discovered our little "problem". Thanks to everyone who helped!

The water really wasn't that high.

It's hard to believe that so little water could cause so much damage, but the drywall sucked it up more than 2 feet, so it had to be replaced. Of course the carpet had to be ripped up as well.

Matt and Scott helped haul everything upstairs.

Lee directed the cleanup!

Melisa worked tirelessly and came later to help again!

Fiances Matt and Kerri. What a bonding experience!

Our beautiful home theatre room, reduced to cement floor and stick framing.

My current dining room. Will it ever be the same?

Sweet baby Jack

Always reminding us how thankful we are that we have each other.

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