Friday, March 10, 2006

The Tooth And Nothing But The Tooth

I am so happy to report that Jack finally appears to be out of his "colic" stage. It was just like everyone said, one day he woke up and he was just. . .better! He does still have some "meltdown" times during the day, but they have definite triggers that I can look at and say, "He's crying because he's tired and needs to sleep (or eat, or has poopy pants, etc.). It makes our day so much easier because now I know how to deal with him (for the most part). I believe him to be a very intelligent, sensitive little boy with a HUGE stubborn streak! I see some clashes of will in our future. But he is also extremely lovable, very snuggly and affectionate, and laughs at everything, sometimes even when he is crying! He is an absolute joy and I love him very much. I believe that he is currently working on a tooth. Now, I know that he is only almost 4 months old, but there's no other reason for the faces that he is making. I took a little video of him that I'm going to ask Jeff to put up here and you can see for yourself. For the last two days he has sucked, chewed, stuck his hand in his mouth and all around made the most hillarious little faces. He must be cutting a tooth. At least I think he's forming it. It may not be coming through, but something about his gum is definitely bothering him. He literally looks like he has chewing gum in his mouth. I've stuck my finger in there but I feel nothing. I guess time will tell.

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Jeannie said...

It definitely could be a toofer- and don't let anyone tell ya' otherwise! :-) When Joey was 11 weeks old & chewing & slobbering constantly we got laughed at for thinking it could be teething. By 3 months, he had 2 teeth through, & by 4 months he had 6! It DOES happen. :-)

Glad to hear the colic seems to be passing! He's such an adorable little guy! Glad the pleasant times are coming more frequently! :-)