Thursday, April 20, 2006

Happy Day

Today is a much better day for Jack! Thank you to everyone who said a little prayer for my boy. We ran the vaporizer in his room last night and that seemed to really help his breathing. I went in once to turn his head so he could breathe better, but that was all. I sleep with the monitor beside my bed and can really hear him well in the night. Nothing woke me up, and usually if he is having a bad night I will be aware of it. I don't really understand why the vaporizer helps, if his breathing is hindered by the trachial malasia. It shouldn't make a difference. Jeff and I both think that there is more going on there with his breathing than just the malasia. For now, we wait until our May 8 appointment with the ped ENT and we'll ask her all of our questions! But just so you know, he's having a great day--completely different from yesterday!

As a side note, I bought him two toys today. One is an exerciser/walker and the other is a toy that dangles toys in front of him while he lays on his back. He loves both of them, but especially the walker. He has to work at sitting up in it (he has a tendency to fall forward when he gets tired) but that just adds to the fun since the little turkey has been trying to sit up on his own since he was 2 months old!

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