Friday, April 20, 2007

The Dreaded Eye Teeth

Lately we been having some behavior issues with Jack. I know, it's hard to believe something so CUTE could be such a TURKEY.... At any rate, this morning he was so whiny and clingy that I knew something had to be up. I laid him down on his back and looked in his mouth (a difficult and perilous task to be sure), and sure enough, it would seem that the gum where his eye teeth are supposed to be is very swollen. I've heard that the eye teeth can be the most difficult ones to cut. What is scary is that the gum is just swollen--I don't actually see any tooth under the gum. I'm a little worried that this may take a while. Well, I did what any good mommy would do, I drugged him up with some Ibuprofen and put him to bed! Hopefully when he wakes up he will feel a little better, not just for my sake, but for his too. I'm sure it's no fun cutting teeth.

Today daddy is coming home early and we're going to Columbia Park! Jack has never been, and I am really hoping that they have some animals out, especially the monkeys since that is Jack's favorite stuffed toy. He goes to bed with his monkey every night. He can also point out the monkey in his animal picture book (and the kitty too). I hope that you are able to get out and enjoy this wonderful weather! We'll share some pics later!

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bethoven said...

I'm just catching up on your news. I love the sepia-toned pics off to the side...they are all GREAT!

I was saddened to read about your miscarriage of Baby Blessing. I prayed for you today!