Monday, April 30, 2007

Some Random Shots

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Jeff and I went to his company's end-of-year dinner on Friday night. It was great to leave Jack with Aunt GiGi and slip away for an evening with adults. It was a nice dinner, that I was actually able to eat after getting some wonderful Papaya Enzyme pills from the health food store. It was my first real meal since Sunday!

The other pictures are of Jack on Sunday. I think daddy took them--I'm not sure where I was--so that is all the description I can give.

And, the aforementioned orange goodness.


gpoo said...

This is from a technologically challenged grandmother type person who does not understand how to get big pictures to copy from what you put up. Oh so sweet and cute, but I want to be able to copy them!!!!

I need tutored.

Michelle said...

Has Jack grown whiskers and an orange tongue???? I loved the pictures! I need some tech help so I can learn to do pictures like you. Know of anyone??????

Danna said...

Your eyes are SO blue, Betty ~ they're lovely!!

Very cute pics -- Jack looks like a great combo of his mom & dad.

G-Knee said...

woo hoo - HOT BETTS!

Betty 'Rie said...

Ha ha! Danna and Jeannie, you make me feel wonderful!

Sunnycal said...

Awesome pics... sorry, I've not kept up... but, I'm back. It's been crazy busy. We had the birth of our little girl. I put a pic on the blog. Good to hear all is well. Have a wonderful day!!!