Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Day

Just wanted to let you all know that we are doing good. We have had some rough spots in the last few days, both of us at different times, but we are still hanging in there, and trusting God. It was so good to be at church today. Jeff and I both had trouble at the beginning of the service as Titus called us to worship with scripture and praise spoken aloud to God. It was good to be able to sing with a full heart and tears streaming that "I will give You all my worship, I will give You all my praise. You alone I long to worship, You alone are worthy of my praise." I sat out of choir for one last time so that Jeff and I could worship together, and I am glad I did, but I will be ready to jump back in next week.

For now, we are setting small goals for ourselves, and planning things to look forward to. April 27 is the "end of year" banquet at Jeff's work, and we are looking forward to a night out together in Indy (and the bonus that usually comes from work). Next month the kids come to stay for seven whole weeks. I tell you what, that alone is enough to bring a smile to my face. In the past, I have loved other people's children as my own (and still do love those blonde southern boys), and having Anne and Bryan in my life just couldn't be more perfect--unless of course they lived with us all the time! At any rate I am looking forward to a fun-filled summer with the kids and can't wait for them to see Jack again and get reaquainted.

God has been and continues to be immensely good to us. Titus says in one of his songs, "Grace makes no sense at all" and it is so true. We don't deserve it, but he daily loads us with benefits. There's another song that I want to introduce to you, but I have to ask the author if she will let me "sneek peek" it on my blog (Laurie, this means YOU). If nothing else I hope she lets me post the words. She gave me a CD the other day and I've not ceased to play it every spare moment I get.

Thank you to all of you for praying, calling, sending flowers and cards, and especially commenting. I've learned that I am not alone and that I have a wonderful resource of Godly women who have dealt with the same pain that I have and are beautiful testaments of God's grace in their lives. Thank you, all.


laurie said...

Betts... Your growth and love for the Lord are a continual source of encouragement to me. I guess your comments on the song mean that you would vote for it for Project 2? =) It thrills me that it encouraged you. Not sure I want my home recording out for all the world to hear, but posting the lyrics is fine. Have a great week! Love you, L

Anonymous said...


Know that Joel and are thinking and praying for your family at this time. We have been there 3 times, and know the mixed emotions that come with it. God is in control, and has a plan for you and your family. I love that you chose Jeremiah 29:11. As you know, that is the verse we have declared for Amber. Stay focused on the Lord, and that precious Jack. We love you!


P.S. Our kids are having a grand time playing together in heaven waiting for us to get there. Makes heaven such a sweeter place, doesn't it?

M. Kate said...

Hi J & B,

Praying for your family.


Dana said...

It is so encouraging to hear you praising God in this situation! You truly are a woman of God and are an example of love. I will keep you all in prayer.