Friday, August 10, 2007

The Concert

Last evening we took the entire Dutton family and went to the Indiana State Fair, most importantly, the Casting Crowns/Jeremy Camp concert. We were very excited about this for several reasons.....
1. Jeff and I haven't been to a concert together since the Toby Mac/Third Day concert almost 3 years ago, and, well, it was just time to go to another one.
2. The Duttons had never been to a Christian concert. Mark had been to plenty as a kid--Aerosmith and Black Sabbath to name a couple. So it was going to be interesting seeing their reaction.
3. Mark Hall and Jeremy Camp rock.
4. Jack was at home with Memaw.
5. Indiana State Fair = Deep-fried Oreos.

That was just the anticipation of the event. It was awesome! It was the farthest away we had ever sat from the stage (almost the nosebleed section), and it was incredibly hot, but the sound system was great and God sent along some awesome clouds and a very nice breeze to keep us from sweltering in the heat. When CC was singing "Praise You In The Storm" I thought it would be awesome if God sent a clap of thunder right in the middle of it.

So what was our favorite part? I think that Jeff and I would both agree that our favorite part was watching the Duttons. They came to this concert with completely open hearts, going through an incredible "refining" process right now, and were completely blown off their feet, not just by the music and the praise to God, but by the ministering of the Word that both Mark Hall and Jeremy Camp so clearly presented. Mark said later that he felt that Jeremy was speaking directly to him. Now, isn't that funny? Most of the times when Mark preaches, I feel as though he is doing the same for me. Strange to hear your pastor say that about himself and someone else. At one point I observed Mark sitting down with his head in his hands, and I asked Laurie, "Is he alright?" and she replied, "He's praying". It was very cool. The kids LOVED it. I've got a kind of grainy video that we took with our digital camera and the best part about it is watching Matthew's face while he sings! It was a great night, and a precious memory with our dear friends that we will always treasure. Jeff and I were extremely excited when they announced that Toby Mac and Jeremy Camp would be back in Indy on February 28! We're already planning to go. Any other Jesus Freaks interested?


The Big Guy said...

I'm glad you all got to go together. Sometimes I do forget our Pastor is a man too. But I love them so much. Sounds like you all had a blast.

The other day I was at Grandmas, at the house they had a picture of the Duttons that was over 7 years old. You see how young the kids look. I won't comment about how young the Pastor looked.

Is the church throwing them a good-bye bash? I haven't heard anything.

G-Knee said...

sweet...good pictures too

Gaylene said...

Hi my friend. Thank you for your blog. It doesn't rot and I love reading it. You are the bomb and the tomatoes...I can't WAIT to try some!!! Love you!