Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Very, Very Belated Birthday Blog

On August 17, Jeff turned 33! We celebrated by going out to eat while Jack stayed home with Memaw (don't worry, Jack got to spend LOTS of time with daddy the next day as you will see in the slides). Surprisingly, we happened to run into Gaylene, Scott, Melisa, Matt, Kari, and Lee while we were there! Ok, so it wasn't a surprise for me, but Jeff was very surprised. We had a great time together and then went to see a very unfortunate movie that we cannot recommend to anyone, especially since most of it was viewed with our head in our hands. Anywhooooo.....

The next day Jeff took the ENTIRE day off. Now, if you look it up, the next day was Saturday, and you may be asking yourself, "why would it be such a big deal for him to take a day off on Saturday"? Well, the last time he did that was when the kids were here and that was weeks ago. We were very excited to all be home together, especially Jack, who loves waking up his daddy. We had a wonderful breakfast together, and then we spent the whole day outside. It was a gorgeous day! We had several projects that we worked on, and Jack stayed outside with us for everything except his nap :-)

First, Dad and Jack got on the tractor and graded the lane. Then Mommy and Jack cleaned out Mommy's car and made it pretty again. Then Daddy and Jack changed the oil in Mommy's car, then in Daddy's truck. Then Mommy and Jack watched Daddy cut down the monstrous, overgrown tree in the front yard that was completely blocking our view out the picture window. Then Daddy and Jack hauled away the tree and all the branches. Then all three of us got on the tractor and hauled a HUGE rock from the woods up to the front of the house and placed it over the stump from the fallen tree (Mommy has landscaping plans for the future). After all that hard work we came inside and ate some watermelon. Jack and Daddy LOVE watermelon. They shared a piece, and Jack got so excited that he stuck his entire head IN the watermelon! It was without a doubt the very best day that we have had together for a long time. Today daddy was working away from home all day, and it helped to look at these pictures and remember our perfect day together. We love you, daddy!

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Anonymous said...

HI LAR I OUS. I love the watermelon pictures and cracked up at the one of Jack on the dolly thing for changing oil. I love you Betts!!