Thursday, August 16, 2007

A New Haircut and a Busted Lip

Jack's smiling face is NOT representative of his demeanor while receiving his first official haircut! For months now I've been snipping away at his hair with scissors while he was in the bathtub, trying to keep his long locks at bay. Every time I try to even comb his hair he gets all freaky, and turning on clippers that close to his head just practically sends him into convulsions. But today I decided I'd had enough, and this boy was gonna get his hair cut. I didn't mind it long - I've no crazy notions that he has to be this clean-cut looking little boy - but it was so incredibly uneven! Of course, my snipping here and there was doing nothing to help. So, I put him in his high chair and gave him several Cherry Cordial Kisses (which he LOVES), still wrapped (so he had something to do with his hands), and amidst screeching and wailing and alot of chocolate eating, he got his first haircut with the clippers.

I think he looks pretty good! When I was all done and put the clippers away he said, "bye bye -- yay!" Then he gave me a very dirty look. Look at the beautiful white-blonde hair I collected! No, I didn't save it - I just took a picture to remember it by.

And, oh yes, he fell out of his rocking chair last night (while standing up backwards in it) and busted his lip - again.


Gaylene said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! You are amazing with your talents you just whip out here and there. You know it's true!!! I'll stick with cutting his nails, okay???

The Big Guy said...

Good job mom. I have a picture of me when my dad took me in for my 1st haircut. I cried so much. You should see the picture.

The good news is he'll never remember till he reads this blog.

You did a good job on the hair cut it looked good. ;-)