Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm craving cake. Why can't I crave something that won't take up all my carbs in one small piece? Like carrots, or broccoli? Why cake?


Steve & Molly said...

Can you eat angel food cake? I think it is allowed on the diabetic diet. I know what you mean about the cravings. When I had to cut out ALL salt at the end of my pregnancy, all I wanted was SALTY food!! Just the thought of not being able to have it seems to make us want it sometimes, doesn't it?! Hang in there!

Troy & Sherry said...

sorry friend!
my craving went from orange juice to cinnamon rolls....hmmm.. there is something wrong with that!
you feeling better today?
email me at
and share with me what was REALLY going on yesterday! i saw dr. w today and all looks good at my end...jacob has found some place to lay that hurts me in the lower back area....must be a nerve he is laying on...jeez it hurts...we are almost there friend.

Gaylene said...

Because CAKE is the manna of today. I am convinced. I hope there is white cake with whipped icing in heaven.