Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let's Have A Normal Day!

What's normal? Well, the last 24-36 hours have NOT been normal! Something was happening that was giving us some great concern with the baby--I had two calls with the doctor on Saturday, and then an unscheduled appointment on Monday. I went home from that appointment feeling better and pretty confident that nothing was wrong. But then something else happened that caused me to kick things into gear (I am being vague for the sake of my male readers), and at one point was frantically packing my hospital bag for an extended stay. After talking some more with several nurses and another doctor, we finally decided that everything was going to be ok, or at least, I was not going to go to into labor and have to go to the hospital right now. Through it all, I knew that God was in control and was content to just go with the flow and do what was necessary, but it was a very emotional roller coaster at the same time because of the going back and forth!

By the time Jeff got home from work I was exhausted (having not slept the night before). He took Jack out and allowed me to get some rest, and then I went to bed early. I feel much better today, and so this morning started out just like "normal". God is good and knows what is going on, even when I don't, and desperately want to know!

Consequently, Danna, I did not get a very important phone call made, and I apologize. In all the excitement yesterday, Jack didn't even take a nap, and you can only imagine what that was like! I still plan to make the call, and hope that your meeting yesterday went well, even without the call.

On a lighter note, I got to see Christine, Shane and baby Hannah yesterday! She is so sweet and Christine just looks great! It's very exciting to see that little baby girl and know that mine is coming soon! Along with my frantic bag packing, I've also got all of her clothes, diapers, etc. all put away, and her crib and changing table all ready to use. So now we are ready for whenever she and God decide that it is time to come (just please, not TODAY, ha ha).


Steve & Molly said...

I pray you have MANY more "normal" days before this little one arrives. Hope you are able to rest today...rest your body and rest in the Lord! Take care. Praying for you.

Leanne said...

Keep us posted...
I'll be praying for you and Grace...and for sweet Jack...its going to "rock" his little world in both good and trying ways!

Kristi said...

These are trying times at this stage in the pregnancy, esp. with what you've already experienced! I'll be praying for all of you!

Troy & Sherry said...

praying for you friend :)
our babies need more cooking ...hang in there.
i think jeff is going to come help troy at some point in the next few weeks - hopefully you can come over and visit :)

Angela Mellema said...

Wow, Betty! I didn't realize that you were getting so close to your due date. I guess I just haven't seen you singing up in front of church lately :) I also hope that you have some more quiet days and restful ones before she is ready to get here! You're looking great.