Friday, January 27, 2006

A long overdue note from an new-again daddy...

I just wanted to post a quick note to tell everyone how wonderful my wife is.

This is long overdue, so I am going to back up the clock to what I should have said 9 weeks and 3 days ago. (the day Jack was born)

Betty is truly amazing! I simply cannot believe how well the delivery went! I have for years heard the old Bill Cosby routine where Bill's wife tells everyone in the delivery room that his mother and father were not married (you know what that means!) and dreaded actual childbirth. I didn't know what kind of a monster she would turn into when we actually got there.. I didn't know if she would spaz out when she thought it was time to go.. (she didn't) Everything about Betty and the way that she handled herself was truly graceful. She didn't panic when her water broke, we got up showered and had a leisurely drive to the hospital. I would venture to say that she might have even allowed me to stop at Best Buy if they were open at three in the morning! She didn't swear or say mean things during the delivery (you did this to me, etc) and she really didn't complain about anything.

Betty is so willing to sacrifice anything and everything for her son and husband. She is the best mom that I have ever met! Betty consistently does what is best for Jack and for her husband regardless of the toll that it takes on her, and she does it without a second thought. She truly is sacrificial!

I am so blessed to have you sweetie pie!

I love you and I am coming home in just a few minutes!


Jeffo out!

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