Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Boy Loves His Dad

So far Jack and Jeff have survived their stomach flu incidents. Yes, that's right, Jeff got it too, again. Unbelievable that I have NOT gotten it, especially in the light of the fact that both Aunt GiGi and Grandma Poo have fallen to it as well. I guess we'll just keep praying.

On a much sweeter note, yesterday Jack was very excited that his da da was here when he woke up. He followed Jeff around (as he usually does) like a little puppy. However, Jeff had to leave, so he sneaked out the back door, thinking that Jack didn't see him. A few minutes later I noticed that I hadn't heard from Jack, so I went looking for him. The best way to find him is to yell, "where's momma?" and do a little fake scream. He will generally answer me back with a little fake scream of his own. He did this time too and I could tell that he was somewhere in the kitchen. Rounding the corner I found him with his back against the back door, coat in hand. When he saw me he smiled and said, "Da Da".

If that wasn't sweet enough, when I called Jeff on his cell phone to tell him, he got all choked up and said, "Promise me that you'll blog about that so I'll never forget it".


Michelle said...

That's toooo cute Betty! You need another one so that you don't run out of cute things!!

Betty 'Rie said...

Oh trust me, I won't run out! I don't think I need another one for that! Ha!