Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jack in the shop

Jeff has been out in the shop a lot of nights lately, working on a cargo trailer that he is using for this summer's "Hand Up Housing" (a church based community ministry that I'll explain more about later). He's been building shelves and putting all his tools in a tidy fashion. Total bliss for Jeff. He has had the wood burning stove going which makes the shop all nice and toasty and, frankly, he could be out there for hours and hardly even register the passing of time. Jack and I went out to visit him and check on his progress. I brought Jack's little "pushy cart" in the hopes that he would play with it instead of with the dirty stuff in the shop. Side note: Jack loves his little pushy cart. He piles his toys on top of it and pushes it all around the house. He doesn't need it to walk, he just likes to PUSH it. Jeff thinks that he needs some kind of cargo trailer of his own. Anyway......we were visiting daddy and all was going well......until he had to cut something with his saw. It made a big noise and Jack was very frightened. For the rest of the evening he clung to me and made very sad faces. Jeff was disappointed that he was so scared of the saw, but I assured him that as a true Gray he would soon get over it. At any rate, here are some pictures of the evening.


Anonymous said...

Let me guess... the Jeff Girly Boy sign in his new trailer is compliments of Lee?

Betty 'Rie said...

Ha Ha! Whoever you are, you get the prize for being the only person for asking! I thought for sure we'd get more comments on that one. Actually, Jeff has another friend named Kevin who autographed that piece of plywood. But if Lee had been there I'm sure it would have looked just the same.