Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've Been Tagged

a: available or single? Neither. I am happily married.
b: best friend: Jeff!
c: cake or pie: Pumpkin pie
d: drink of choice: Starbucks White Mocha, Coke products
e: essential item I use every day: Huggies wipees
f: favorite color: green
g: gummy bears or gummy worms: Neither--Sour Patch Kids
h: hometown: Dwight, Illinois
i: Indulgence? White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks
j: January or February: February
k: kids and names: Anne-marie Violet, 12, Bryan Joel, 12, Jack Douglas, 1
l: Life is incomplete without....: God and my family
m: marraige date: February 25, 2005
n: number of siblings: 2
o: oranges or apples: Neither....although I do like those little mandarin oranges
p: phobias or fears: Spiders...just read my archives
q: favorite quote: Don't really have one. Favorite verses: 1 Peter 1
r: reasons to smile: Jack's kisses
s: season: Summer and early fall
t: tag three or four people: Let's see...Michelle, Jessica, and Jeff
u: unknown fact about me: I was born with a birth defect--cleft palate
v: vegetables you don't like: Tomatoes and celery
w: worst habbit: whining
x: Hey, there's no x!
y: favorite food: anything ethnic....chinese, mexican, greek, italian......
z: zodiac: Taurus

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Michelle said...

This was really fun!! See you March 6-7. Is that O.K. Have a meeting with the church in Monticello.