Monday, January 15, 2007

Courtesy Post

Do you ever find yourself posting "just to post". Well, this is what is happening today. I don't really have anything significant to report. I just feel bad for those that check my blog day after day and there is nothing there.

Today was, well, just a regular day. Jack and I went to Lafayette this morning so that I could go to my ladies bible study. Jack cried the whole time for poor Margie. Then we went straight to Grandma Poo's house so that Jack could take a nap. I needed to go to the store, but had no desire to take a crying child in to do my shopping. So Jack took a nap while I watched foodnetwork. When Jack woke up we went to Culver's because the flavor was Peanut Butter Supreme. I was very excited. However, it was less than I expected--not enough peanut butter flavor. Jack ate the bun off my burger and some cheese curds and helped devour my one scoop of custard. He was very happy then so we went to the store. By the time all that was done, we were more than ready to go home. Home we went, where Jack refused for a solid hour to fall asleep in his bed. So he got up and had some supper and a bath. Then daddy came home and we spent some time with him before Jack went to bed at 7:30 p.m. So here we are. Daddy is working out on the treadmill, I am posting while my supper finishes cooking, and if Christ doesn't come in the next ten or fifteen minutes we are probably going to eat our dinner!

There you have it. I posted. Sorry folks, but this is as exciting as it gets.


G-Knee said...

I wish my days were that exciting! I loved days where I would go to the mall with the 4 Little Monsters. How wonderful that you are able to fulfill God's calling in your life by enjoying it's simplest pleasures!

Steph said...

I know the feeling about courtesy posts - I did that myself today. I'm trying to find not just the "get through it" attitude but the "I'm enjoying winter with little tikes" attitude. Anyway - I liked your mall post too - if we had a decent mall here I would be loading the kids up for some Panera bread lunch too! Sounds yummy!

Betty 'Rie said...

G-knee, it is wonderful! Feel free to come by any time and "borrow" my son if you want to know what it feels like!

Steph, hang in there, girl! You can always load them up and come to my mall! I would love for my guy to play with your guys. There is an area in our mall where the kids can run around and play on stuff (of course I cringe every time thinking about all the germs, but sometimes a mama needs to brave the germs to have a moment of peace).

Come visit!

G-Knee said...

Germs are good at this the preschool I taught at, we encouraged the kids to come to school sick to build the immune systems of the kids....weird but true...
expose em' early, expose em' often... :)