Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Anne and Bryan are here and we are having a great time with them, as always. I am trying to adjust my "decreased activity" level to accommodate two 13 year olds, a two year old, my 30th week of pregnancy with all its contractions, and the added delight of at times feeling really weird with my gestational diabetes! Whew. A couple of days ago we lost Jeff's glucometer, so I actually haven't been able to test my sugars, which is kind of not handy, since I don't know how what I am eating is affecting me. Last night I had a definite period of time when my sugar got too low (waited too long between meals), and that felt horrible. I had to drink some orange juice and eat a candy bar, which under normal circumstances would have been fun, but it just plain wasn't. I go to the dietitian tomorrow and will receive my own glucometer and the correct diet plan for me, so that should really help.

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments and for the prayers that I know have been going up on our behalf--it has been giving me strength.

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Leanne said...

Hi Betty,
I hope you are doing well and are getting along without sugar...I think I would die....
Have a great day!