Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good Morning!

Thank you so much for praying! I had a couple of phone calls and comments in my email that really let me know that my request for prayer did not go unheeded. And about the middle of the afternoon I started to feel better. All morning yesterday I walked around in a fog--it's really hard to describe. But about 2:00 p.m. the fog started to lift and although I was still tired, I felt like I was getting better.

This morning Jack slept until almost 9 o'clock! That was a HUGE help and I awoke this morning actually feeling refreshed and ready to get up! We had a playdate scheduled today with the triplets, but one of them is sick, poor baby. So, now Jack and I need to find something to do with this new-found energy. It is supposed to get pretty warm today, so maybe we will venture to the park. At any rate, it is wonderful to be "fog-less" this morning and just so grateful to God for seeing me through. I am also very grateful for my husband, who let me lay around last night and even went to get me a Blizzard from DQ! I love you, honey!

I hope that you all have a good day, and if you're not, just hang in there, because after all, tomorrow really is another day (to quote Katie Scarlett O'Hara)!


Christine Bolton said...

I was going to make a comment that was encouraging and uplifting but I forgot what I was going to say when you got to the Blizzard part.....that is all this little brain can think about now! Yummo! I'm continuing to pray for you!

Leanne said...

Yes...the blizzard sounds GOOD! I have one more day of frivolous, mindless eating to go...and then, its salads and yogurt (boo,hoo...)
Don't forget to come visit me at the hospital this weekend!
Oh, and if you are looking for my room, ask for "veronica heern" (my alias...) Hee,hee. Leanne is my middle name!

Steve & Molly said...

So glad you are doing better today! Hope you and Jack had a good time at the park. Praying for you. Give Leanne and her precious new one a hug for me when you visit! :)