Thursday, March 29, 2007

Home Again

We are back from our whirlwind trip to Kentucky for my grandmother's funeral. Everything went really well. Jack didn't have any major blowouts or upchucks, although he decided that he would stay awake for the entire trip down and back! THAT was interesting. We pretty much exhausted our song list memories, played pattycake and peekaboo too many times to count, and at times just turned the radio up really loud to drown out his protesting voice. Four and a half hours is just too long for a 16 month old who is used to running around wherever he chooses!

The funeral went fine, although it was a little sad. Obviously, I will miss Mamaw very much, but the knowledge that she is with Jesus far outweighs any desire to keep her here with me. Bampy seems to be doing well. I think that Mamaw stayed alive just long enough for Bampy to get to the point where he felt he could let her go. He is going down to be with my aunt and uncle in Atlanta for a few weeks, and then he will come back to Henderson to live with my other aunt. He has even tentatively said that he will come visit us!

It was very sweet to learn that when the grandchildren were listed in the obituary, Bampy included our unborn child in the number. He made sure that he told me that twice, and I know that it was important to him. We placed a picture of Mamaw holding Jack on the table beside her coffin. She really loved Jack and always lit up when he came to visit. Even when she was paralyzed from her stroke, she wanted me to hold him up to her so she could kiss him. And strangely enough, Jack was always very subdued and gentle with her. And he usually jabbered right at her, which made her smile. I will miss you, Mamaw!


Jeffo said...

The agony of riding that long and that far in a car with a sixteen month old son is far understated. Seriously folks, I don't even want to take him with me to check the mail after that trip!!!

Ok, I'm exaggerating!

I love you Jack Jack

Anonymous said...

Thank you Betty for the sweet words about Mom and Dad. I thought the funeral was perfect. I felt like Mom was listening to the words spoken and the songs sung by each of you. It was a blessing to me to hear my children sing together again and in church. I love you all and glad you endured Jack to make the trip. He is so sweet and handsome it's really hard to believe all these horror stories about him. We all love him. love you, MOM